Monthly Reflection: What I have done on February 2018

Hello March!

Last month I write an article that tell you about my achievement on January. Since it is the beginning of March, it's time to me to sit down a while, reflecting my life and write it on an article. Just because this way, I can tracking my progression to be a better human. Being a better me. The idea is to live my life day by day and then see the cummulative result. Hoping that one day, I will be the one that I wanted to be. 
On February 2018, I have done several things like this: 
1. I walked 12.8 kilometres or 7.9 miles

I know it is not a fantastic distance since I've been lazy this month. On January I can sum up my daily walking into 22.3 miles. A number that I can be proud of.
2. I wrote 13 articles, 5 in English.

I always wanted to be a good writer. The real  one. (Have I told you that I won the 2017 Wattys Award in Indonesia as a newcomers? That is my biggest achievement as a writer.) Writing 13 articles in a month mean that I wrote one article every 2 days. The…

Stop Wasting Your Time

How much time you spent for playing on internet?
I am asking you this because I found that I spend too much time on internet. More than enough.
One day, I am on my room and decided to “Oh well, I guess I need to update my blog.” But then “I need to check my Facebook,” then “here is some good news from K” (K is a blog platform in my country. Then I found that I spent all day long surfing on internet and just posting one blog post. Such a waste of time.
Then I decided not to waste my time anymore and write this article to remind you that your time is valuable. You can’t get back your wasted time nor buying time for yourself. We all got the same exact 24 hours per day. Not more than that. It is your choice how to spend it. Whether you wasting it by doing unnecessary things or using it wisely.
Now I set a timer each time I decided to go online. It like in the old time when I used internet café. I pay several Rupiah for each hour I go online. The internet café timer work best for me since …

Free Stuff on Internet

Ahoy. It’s been a while since I started blogging. Today I writing it on my computer and transfer it into my cellphone to published it. (Yeah, I was write all article on cellphone, it is practical but not easy. I barely can’t read it easily).
Ok, now back into the topic. Free stuff on internet.

Internet is such a great way to communicate. You can have a full conversation to someone far away just by typing some words in your tablet or computer (or even a cellphone like me). Internet get more and more cheaper this day, make it is easier to get. The more people connected with internet, the more opportunity it gave. I really love free stuff. And finding free stuff on internet is so satisfying. Giving free advice, consultation, e-book, podcast, you named it, is a content marketing strategy which is great both for the creator (because they will be known based on their free product) and for us, the user.
There was a time where I bulking on this free stuff on my folder. I downloaded it and sav…

My First V-log

Here is my first v-log about my last article "What to do when you are bored". But I make it in Indonesian language since it is easier to me. 
Why I make a video? Simply because it is more like talking to other people. You know. I write here as if I talked with you in person. But you cannot see my expression, my tone, and sort of thing. With video, you can see me. It is a v-log since it is easier to made. I needn't edit it. (But sure, latter in the future I will do some editing on my videos).
Will I stop writing? Of course not. Writing is my passion and I can't live without it. Making a video is just a progress of me being a better version of myself. But I wouldn't stop writing.
That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed this article and watch the video. See you on the next article. 

What to do when you are bored

Have you ever had a boring day? I have. When I do nothing, I feel bored. It happens over and over again, especially when I have nothing to do.
Bored illustration 

Boredome. When I feel it, I just want to go out and well, do something. Anything. Sometimes it means window shopping on city mall, an activity that I regret latter because it will be not just a "window shopping" but turn out to be actual shopping with lots of unusefull stuff to buy. Not good for my bank acount. 
Going shopping
So I realize that shopping wouldn't cured my boredome. I still feel empty inside and my pocket money get drained too. I must find a better way to fight boredome.
I found it accidently on Facebook page. It is Victoria Prooday who post it on her page: tell your child to doing this when he is feel bored. When I read her post, I feel like "Aha! I guess it can be used for adult too." (And it was.)
So, what to do when you are bored?
Simply ask yourself to do this things: 

Have you'v…

A Birthday Cake

Today is my dad's birthday. He will come to my house, 300 km from his house, using train. I am very glad to have his visit.
Am I preparing a birthday cake for him?
No, I am not. I don't order any birthday cake for him, even after my younger sister insist me. "My refrigerator is broken. Ant will come and eat that cake." I gave her a mean explanation. That's just so much like me. 
That's not the real reason.
A birthday cake is not just a cake. It is a symbol of our affection and love. It is our cultural way to say "I love you and I do care about you." 
The reason I don't preparing a birthday cake for my dad, even a little one, is because I care about him. I don't want a cake that full of fat and sugar ruin my father glycemic control. Since he had type-2 diabetic melitus. A cake will ruin his health.
It is so much better for me to use that money to buy my father a walking shoes since he loves walking very much or a new reading glasses for the sa…

What You Can do in a Month

Last article I write about my new year resolution and today I will show you what can I achieve in the first month of 2018 using that resolution. 
Disclaimer: It is my personal post so you may be don't want to waste your time reading this. But if you curious about what a month can bring for you, here is the real example.  I will upload some article like this every single month to quantify how far I can go. 
My 2018 resolution is so simple. It can be concluded as live your life everyday. And I mean every single day. It is a little bit hard to start at the beginning, but I learn to do it that way as time goes by. Every time I wake up in the morning I urge myself to thank God for the new day and new opportunities and tried to do my best at that day. 
How far a month can bring you?
It is not always that easy. There are several days (ok, many of it) that feels so wrong. Such a bad day with a bad mood all day long. The old me would grousing all day long but now I have learn to close my mou…